What Are Some Popular Tropical Tattoos?


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Some popular tropical tattoo designs include palm trees, jumping dolphins, pineapples, parrots and tropical flowers. Tropical fish are also popular tattoo designs. Many of these designs have special symbolism or meaning.

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A palm tree is a popular tattoo design that has biblical significance as well. A palm tree symbolizes knowledge. A pair of palm trees is a popular tattoo design that symbolizes a happy couple. A beach scene or an island with sand and waves is a popular design to commemorate a favorite vacation. Tropical fish tattoos are popular among snorkelers and divers.

Dolphins leaping out of the water represents joy, grace or playfulness. A pod of dolphins represents harmony or family. Parrots, intelligent and beautiful birds, are another animal popular in tattoo designs. A pineapple is a design that represents hospitality and friendship.

Hawaiian flower tattoos are among the most popular designs, and each flower has a different meaning. A hibiscus flower tattoo in any color means the wearer is consumed by love. Like the pineapple, heart-shaped Anthurium flowers represent kindness, hospitality and friendship. Orchids tattoos come is many different variations and represent luxury, strength and beauty. Bird of Paradise flowers are a very common tropical tattoo that brings to mind fun and joyfulness.

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