What Are Some Popular Tribal Tiger Tattoo Designs?


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Tiger tattoos with tribal designs feature spiky lashes of ink or thorn-like curling waves either tracing the tiger's outline or framing its head and body. The tiger's naturally striped coat makes it ideal for creating the aggressive, jagged marks that are the trademarks of tribal artwork. Some popular tribal tiger design ideas include full-color and shaded inked designs. Tattoo-Trends.net shows a variety of colorful tiger tattoos that feature the animal either growling or crouching.

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Some of the most popular locations for tiger tattoos include the biceps and shoulders. Other prime locations for the tiger tattoos are the upper and lower back, the calves, and the insides of arms and wrists. Sometimes the tiger tattoo is large enough to cover the entire back, which can be either in full color or gray shaded outlines. The tiger's head is the most popular feature to have emblazoned in permanent ink across the body. One tattoo on Tattoo-Trends.net shows a full-color tiger's head on a woman's knuckle.

Tattoos shaded in gray ink can include space for phrases or names for family members or other loved ones. Sometimes the tigers have regal accessories, such as crowns or swords, around their heads. Other larger tattoos feature the tigers surrounded by tropical flowers or crawling down a mountain landscape.

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