What Are Some Popular TopHatter Jewelry Products?

What Are Some Popular TopHatter Jewelry Products?

Rings, necklaces and pendants are some popular jewelry products available on TopHatter. A few other fashionable items include earrings and anklets. All the pieces feature retro and contemporary designs and are made of genuine precious or synthetic metals.

The rings featured on TopHatter range from casual accessories to engagement rings for both men and women. They are made of sterling silver or a stainless steel casting with self-designs or animal and abstract motifs. Rings made of rose and white gold, platinum, tungsten, black rhodium and cobalt are the other options. The rings are embellished with Swarovski crystals and gems such as green turquoise, opal and zirconium with steel filigree work and marquise cuts.

TopHatter necklaces are made of purple quartz, opal, Cabochon glass, Swarovski crystal and pearl. Most necklaces have adjustable settings. They are available in tassel patterns or as chokers, and a few are available as jewelry sets with matching earrings. The pendants at TopHatter have dazzling crystal beads embedded in them or are made of multi-colored rhinestones in a gold or silver setting.

The earring options at TopHatter include ear cuffs, studs, hoops, tassel and dangler patterns. Filled with white gold or silver, the earrings are made of micro beads with fish hooks or Swarovski elements and white diamonds with lever-backs and a two-tone or a multi-tone finish.

TopHatter anklets are handmade or machine-cut and some have optional toe ring attachments. All anklets have adjustable extensions and feature styles such as gypsy, traditional and chic.