What Are the Most Popular Tattoos?


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The most popular tattoo designs include tribal art, stars, crosses, dragons and rosary beads. These designs can vary widely and appear all over the body.

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What Are the Most Popular Tattoos?
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People get tattoos for many reasons, but they are usually a choice filled with personal meaning. The most popular tattoos overall are tribal patterns. These range from a basic series of lines on the upper arm or shoulder blades to elaborate swirls and curves on other parts of the body. This is followed by stars and crosses, both easily recognizable symbols for different reasons.

Nautical stars are found in sailing maps and documentation, while crosses are a symbol of the Christian faith. Crosses are usually found on a man's upper arm with ribbon or text. Women often choose a set of rosary beads on their ankles with a small cross on the top of the foot.

As far as animals go, people love to get dragon tattoos. Men, in particular, like to sport a large dragon on their backs or pecs. The more ornate and intimidating the tattoo, the better. Other popular tattoo designs people like to get include skulls, cursive lettering, butterflies, flowers, fairies and Chinese symbols, although it is possible that the Chinese words may not mean what the wearer thinks they mean.

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