What Are Some Popular Short Haircut Styles?


One very popular short hairstyle is the bob, which can be layered or all one length. There are also many different variations of the pixie cut, including asymmetrical cuts and those with deep side parts and lots of volume.

The bob has seen a recent resurgence in popularity. Two popular versions of the classic style include a more messy, layered version and a simple one-length bob. The messy bob that has recently gained popularity is most commonly seen on individuals with wavy or curly hair. The style is thickly layered to provide texture and body, a contradiction of past bob haircuts, which tended to be more sleek. The sleek, classic bob has also increased in popularity, often with a slight a-line cut to add interest to a timeless style.

The undeniable widespread popularity of the pixie cut is especially clear on college campuses, where it is very common. The pixie cut has many forms, including the feminine, asymmetrical pixie with slightly more length. Another common variation is a more tom-boyish pixie cut, complete with short bangs and a more uniform length. For the first time, the pixie cut also has lots of volume and wave, the first widespread adoption of a true pixie cut for curly haired gals.