What Are Some of the Popular Roux Hair Colors?


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Lucky Copper, True Steel and White Minx are all popular colors from the Roux Fanci-Full line. Roux makes Fanci-Full rinse and mousse as well as color sticks, color refresh masks and bleach.

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Lucky Copper is a red mousse from Roux that adds soft copper tones to the hair. The red warms up the hair's natural color, though it can show up more vibrantly on light-colored hair.

White Minx is a blue rinse that counteracts golden undertones in the hair. People with gray or white hair use it to create a snowy white effect, while those with artificially lightened hair use it to tone the brassiness associated with bleaching the hair. Ultra White Minx contains more of the toning agent than the regular White Minx.

True Steel is darker than White Minx. This color rinse results in a steel-gray effect. Black Rage is a rinse color that adds deep ebony tones to the hair.

Both the Fanci-Full rinse and mousse come in natural-looking shades. Roux makes 13 colors of the rinse, ranging from the White Minx toner to Black Rage. Most of the colors are in the dark blond or brunette color palette. The rinse is appropriate for refreshing faded color.

Roux makes 11 shades of Fanci-Full mousse, including vibrant shades such as copper red and gold. Because it's thicker, the mousse deposits more color.

Roux's color stick comes in five shades that help to conceal roots.

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