What Are Some Popular Products at Hair To Beauty?

Some popular products at Hair To Beauty include lace front wigs, wig tape and adhesive. Hair To Beauty is a retailer based in Illinois that also sells products through its website. Most of the store's inventory consists of wigs and hair care products.

The most popular styles in wigs are long, dark hair that is straight or features gentle waves. Other popular styles are bobs dyed with an accent color, such as purple, blond or red.

Women can also purchase hair braids and braided wigs. The most popular options are single-volume braids that run the length of the back. Braided African-American hair wigs are also popular. Styles range from natural twist-braided hair to chunky reggae-style braids.

Many Hair To Beauty customers buy the Salon Pro brand of wig tape. Another popular adhesive is the Walker brand of lace front wig support tape. In hair styling tools, the Magic Twist hair sponge is a top seller. This tool is used to start dreads and create an afro. Magic Organic Argan Oil wig caps are another fast-selling item. These caps are expanding, infused with Argan oil and help protect hair.

Customers can also find fashion accessories like gloves, hats, undergarments, leggings and watches. Of these items, body stockings are the hottest sellers.