What Are Some Popular Name-Brand Watches?


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Some popular name-brand watches are Movado, Fossil, TAG Heuer, Rolex and Timex. Watches come in a range of styles and prices, and with different uses in mind, such as sport, luxury, dress and fashion.

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Movado, which bills itself as "the museum watch," is a popular luxury and fashion brand known for its sleek styling and precision instrumentation. Movado watches feature an iconic watch face with no numbers, just a single dot representing the sun in the "noon" position on the watch face. Movado makes both men's and women's watches,

Fossil is a fashion-oriented brand of watches known for its wide variety of styles for men and women and for its reasonable prices. Perhaps as a result of their lower prices, Fossil watches tend to be rather trendy in their designs, with the idea that a consumer might own several watches at a time.

Many people see Rolex watches as the ultimate luxury watch brand. With offerings for both men and women, these watches are a true status symbol and are highly sought-after, not only for their excellent quality but also for the sense of exclusivity that goes along with the brand name.

TAG Heuer makes a wide range of watches, but the brand is often associated with men's and women's sports watches. The watches are often rugged in design and are known for their ability to withstand extreme conditions.

Timex watches are an American classic. These very reasonably priced watches are marketed to consumers of all ages and demographics, with product lines designed for men, women, children, sports players and collectors.

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