What Are Some Popular Nail Designs Used in Nail Salons?

What Are Some Popular Nail Designs Used in Nail Salons?

Some popular nail designs used in nail salons include polka dots, glitter, swirls and ombre paint, notes CoverGirl. Nail artists can freehand the design or place tape on the nail to create the designs.

Polka dots are one popular nail design, which are created through two different colors, notes totalbeauty.com. To create a polka dot design on nails, first paint a solid base color on the nails. After the base coat dries, use the nail brush to freehand the polka dots over the top with a complementary color.

Glitter colors are another popular nail design. Nail artists use complementing glitter colors and designs on the different nails to create a glittered manicure.

Another popular nail design is swirls on top of a solid color. To create swirl designs, paint the solid base color on the nails and allow it to dry. Then use a small paintbrush to freehand swirl designs over the top. People can also place transparent tape or paper reinforcements on the nails and paint over to create geometric designs.

Ombre paint is another popular design, which can be created with a small sponge. Use three or four pieces of a small sponge to dip three or four colors onto the nails. Finish the nail with a top clear coat.