What Are Some Popular Mohawk Hair Styles?


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Some popular mohawk hairstyles include the mohawk sun, mohawk sweep, flower mohawk and stylish mohawk. These styles, and most other variants of the mohawk, are based on the concept of shaving hair on both sides of the head and then drawing attention to the prominent hair in the middle. This middle hair is often spiked in an arch-like design on top of the head, and many people color the hair to make a personalized mohawk hairstyle.

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The mohawk sun utilizes hair dye to make golden and black shades that give the mohawk an eye-catching, sun-like appearance. The mohawk sweep is a style in which a little hair is kept along the sides of the head to frame the hair in the center. To create a flower mohawk, gently use a roller to form a soft, curled look to the hair, with strands arching all around the head that mimic a sunflower. Stylish mohawk is the term for mohawks with dyed-blonde hair styled to stand up in spikes that go out in many different directions.

These styles can all be personalized, depending on how long a person grows the hair out and what color a person chooses to dye the hair. Hair gels and other stiffening creams are helpful to achieve the desired look with bigger and more intricate mohawk styles.

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