What Are Some Popular Models of Benrus Watches?

Popular Benrus watch models include Sky Chief and Infantry. The H-6 line is another popular model of the brand. In the 1950s, Benrus was the third-largest watchmaker in the United States.

Sky Chef model watches are available in black, brown and gold colors. The Sky Chef is known for its simple design and absolute precision. It is firmly regarded as one of the masterpieces of the American watch industry.

The Infantry range is available in sand and khaki colors in addition to the usual Benrus colors. The H-6 watches have a wider range of colors, including olive and a black-and-orange combination. Infantry watches, as the name denotes, have simple designs and are easy to use, with big numbers and uncluttered dials. The H-6 is another model inspired by the military and was used by the CIA and Navy Seals.