What Are Some Popular Men's Hairstyles?


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As of 2015, the most popular men's hairstyles include the undercut, the fade, the side part, the pompadour, and short back and sides. Two other popular styles are the man bun and the top knot.

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What Are Some Popular Men's Hairstyles?
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The undercut features shaved sides and back with long lengths on top. It is styled by slicking back the top lengths but leaving some height at the temple and crown. The fade cut is longer on top and gradually fades in length to shaved sides and back. The length on top can be shorter and spikier or longer and slicked back, similar to the undercut.

The side part is a classic men's cut that is business-appropriate. The length on top is cut in a way that allows for a deep part to one side, while the rest of the hair is faded to a much shorter length without being shaved. The pompadour has tight short sides and long lengths on top that are styled with volume at the temple and taper into a duck tail in the back. The short back and sides style is similar to the undercut, but not as voluminous or long on top. The front has a small amount of volume right at the center of the temple.

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