What Are Some Popular Ladies' Handkerchief Designs?


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Popular ladies' handkerchief designs include classic floral patterns, vibrant bright colors, ornate symmetrical patterns and elegant lace-edged squares. Geometric patterns and many types of monogrammed or embroidered designs are also popular for ladies' handkerchiefs as of 2015.

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Typical designs for ladies' handkerchiefs utilize floral patterns or similar variations. This can include anything from a design with a single flower in one corner to flowers lining the edges of the entire piece. Another popular design is a plain handkerchief edged with elegant lace. This timeless design is usually composed of a small scallop all the way to a large intricate lace design around the entire square. Often, these two popular designs are combined in one piece.

Personalization is also popular in fashion, even in items such as ladies' handkerchiefs. Monograms and other such embroidered designs are popular enhancements to ladies' handkerchiefs. Handkerchiefs with this design scheme tend to be simpler, perhaps including a set of initials in the corner or a name written in scroll letters.

Another style that is common among ladies' handkerchiefs is crocheted edges. This bolder frame is an alternative option to the dainty laced edges, and it is usually in the same color as the handkerchief itself.

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