What Are Some Popular Kinds of Jewelry With Wire Wrapping?


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Popular wire-wrapping techniques for jewelry include briolette coverings, wire herringbones, bird's nests, and both simple and messy ring wraps. As of 2015, jewelry supply seller Fusion Beads hosts a number of illustrated wire-wrapping tutorials on its website.

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To cover a briolette, the jewelry designer threads the briolette onto the wire and then wraps the wire neatly around the upper part of the briolette. To create a herringbone design, the artist wraps the wire repeatedly around a focal bead, creating an oblong shape. The artist creates a bird's nest by forming an organic nest shape with wire and adding several beads to act as eggs. To create wire-wrapped rings, the designer threads a focal bead onto the wire and then wraps the wire around a ring sizer and secures the piece with additional wrapping.

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