What Are the Most Popular Harley Davidson Tattoo Designs?


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The bar and shield logo associated with Harley Davidson is a very popular tattoo design. The logo can be tattooed alone or combined with typical biker tattoo elements such as eagles, wings and wheels.

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The traditional Harley Davidson logo is a black shield outlined in orange and with the words "Motor Cycles" written in orange. A black bar goes across the middle. Also outlined in orange, the black bar features the words "Harley-Davidson."

Tattoos of this logo often incorporate a bald eagle seemingly wearing the shield on its chest. Sometimes, a banner appears below the eagle with a message. "An American legend" is the classic slogan, but "Born in the USA" and "Ride free" are other popular messages.

In place of the eagle, some tattoo designs incorporate just the wings. Fire, skulls or roses are other popular biker motifs for Harley Davidson tattoos.

Another popular design for Harley Davidson tattoos is to replace the logo with motorcycle parts or the bike itself. For example, some enthusiasts get a whole motorcycle tattoo with the words "Harley Davidson" written on the engine. Others get engine parts or the wheels with other design elements and the motorcycle name.

Harley Davidson tattoos can also incorporate religious imagery such as crosses and angels, especially if they are memorial designs.

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