What Are Some Popular Hairstyles for Men Over Age 60?

Popular hairstyles for men over age 60 include the Caesar cut, a medium-length hairstyle with razor cut ends, a side part and a medium-length flat top. Men over 60 typically look best with shorter hairstyles, particularly if they have gray hair or are balding.

With a Caesar cut, the man is able to wear his hair a bit messy. This short cut provides a natural-looking way to disguise a receding hairline.

A medium-length style with razor cut ends gives texture to thick hair. If the man has a bald spot, this style draws attention away from it and sometimes is able to cover it.

A side part is a simple short- or medium-length style, where the man parts the hair at the side and combs it over. This style flatters strong jaw lines and square faces.

The medium-length flat top with short sides is a classic American men's hairstyle. A little hair product adds volume and allows the man to wear this style messy, making it appear less serious. A well-trimmed beard complements this style.

The best style for an older man depends heavily on his face shape, features and hair texture. He should ask for his stylist's advice on the best styles for him.