What Are Some Popular Hairstyles That Fantastic Sams Offers?

Fantastic Sams Hair Salons offer designer haircuts, texturizing processes such as curl reducers or perms, hair dyed with the ombre technique and haircuts with bangs. Fantastic Sams is a hair salon franchise with 1,100 locations nationwide.

The first Fantastic Sams hair salon opened in 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee, by stylist Sam Ross. In 1976 he began franchising the salon, and by 2010 franchises dotted the United States. Ross broke new ground in hair salons by offering a heretofore untold service: a unisex hair salon that catered to the entire family. He also insisted that all stylists endure the same training sessions to maintain a sense of consistency with the haircuts that were offered. Just as a McDonald's hamburger tastes the same in California and in New York, he wanted a customer to get the same look whether he was in Alabama or New Jersey.

In addition to haircuts Fantastic Sams, offers its own line of hair care products. There is a different set of products for each need, whether it be volumizing, moisturizing, clarifying or caring for color-treated hair. The company also offers a line targeted specifically towards men.

All Fantastic Sams haircuts come with a free shampoo and three-minute scalp massage. No appointment is necessary.