What Are Some Popular Hairstyles for Boys?

Popular hairstyles for boys include a faux mohawk, undercut, top knot, man bun, pompadour, fade, side part, short and spiky, shaggy mop top, surfer cut, buzz cut and spikes, notes Business Insider. Styles for boys range from short, no-nonsense looks like buzz cuts to classic pompadours and side parts, and long-haired surfer cuts and shaggy styles. Boys should consider their personalities, hair texture and even face shape when choosing a hair cut to ensure a good fit.

For boys who prefer a sporty, hassle-free cut, the buzz cut is a good choice. This cut essentially removes all hair, leaving a short layer of fuzz around the top and sides of the head. A faux mohawk is a similar style; this cut brings a bit of attitude by leaving a layer of longer hair down the center of the head, while the sides are buzzed. This hairstyle works well for curly hair or thick hair with texture. Adding wave-like ripples down the mohawk adds an element of creativity.

For classic looks, the side part and pompadour are good choices. A side part cut features clean, professional lines with carefully trimmed sides and a combed-over top. Adding gel keeps hair in place and creates a smooth, polished look. The pompadour features long sideburns, tight sides and a top with volume that fades from front to back.

Boys with longer hair might choose a man bun or shaggy mop top look. A man bun look requires longer hair; strands are pulled back and placed into a bun on the top of the head. The mop top look features side swept bangs and face framing layers for a natural but neat look. Excess hair products can weigh hair down, say authors at Allparenting.com, but adding leave-in conditioner makes hair healthy and shiny.