What Are the Most Popular Hairstyles Among Black Kids?


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Long, flowing styles are currently in fashion with girls, while a variety of closely-cropped and naturally grown-out looks are popular with boys. These styles often result from celebrity trends, ease of maintenance and the shape of one's face.

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Easy-to-manage hairstyles are always popular with black kids because their coarse, curly hair can be challenging to maintain. Braids and shorter cuts are very practical and can help minimize daily styling routines, but the desire to express one's individuality often leads to more extravagant looks. For girls, this includes longer, relaxed cuts with features such as layers, bangs, updos and ponytails. For boys, trending styles include buzz cuts, short curls, long curls, twists, waves and fades. Both sexes are undoubtedly influenced by the celebrities they admire, whether movie stars, athletes, artists or musicians. The shape of one's face also tends to dictate the length and style most flattering to the individual.

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