What Are Some Popular Hairstyles?


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Trends in hairstyles can vary dramatically based on season and time. For Spring 2015, Harper's Bazaar states that long hair is back in style, whether worn in loose boho waves or slicked into long ponytails. Other looks include long braids and twists, big buns, and lightly gelled hair.

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What Are Some Popular Hairstyles?
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One trend seen on the runways in Spring 2015 is the inclusion of large, ornate accessories that transform standard hairstyles. Fendi matched bold leather flowers to its prints in its runway collection, while Dolce & Gabanna sent out models with flowers and jewels in their hair. Other labels used unusual hair ornaments, headbands, nets and other items to draw attention to the hairstyles.

Men's hairstyles are not exempt from fashion trends either. Business Insider states that 2015's most popular hairstyles for men include the undercut, the man bun, top knot and fade. Classic hairstyles such as the conservative side part or the pompadour remain popular among men.

Regardless of popular trends, a flattering haircut minimizes non-pleasing facial attributes while accentuating the positive ones. The general goal when balancing the face shape is to create an oval shape, whether this is achieved by shortening a long face or lengthening a wide face. Texture and color play important roles in creating a good haircut.

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