What Are Some Popular Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair?


Some popular hairstyle ideas for long hair are the dark roots look, the side part, ringlets and straight strands. There is also the loose curls style.

One of the advantages of the dark roots look is spending less time at the stylist. Best for women with long, golden blond hair, the hairstyle is a great way to capture the free-spirited, Cali-girl vibe. The side part hairstyle, recently sported by America Ferrera, is perfect for a casual day outing. To create it, do a deep side part and tuck the hair behind the ear. Then, use a flat iron to bump the ends of the hair to give the look some body.

To achieve ringlets on long hair, use a skinny curling wand and curl small sections of hair. Make sure to pull the curls out slightly to avoid any unnecessary fluff. A celebrity known for wearing this hairstyle is Iggy Azalea. Straight strands, worn by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, combine stick-straight hair with a side part. A signature of Paltrow's for some time, the look is suited for all types of occasions. Loose curls, worn by celebrities like Suki Waterhouse, work great with bangs and it's also a very versatile cut.