What Are Some Popular Guardian Angel Tattoos?


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Popular guardian angel tattoos include themes such as children's names, dedications and protection, and they typically depict specific angels from the Angelic Choir. The Angelic Choir is the hierarchy of angels, each with a different purpose to fulfill, as opposed to a choir of angels singing hymns. It consists of the Seraphim, the Cherubim, the Ophanim, the Virtues and the Archangels. The Cheribum angels are the guardian angels charged with protecting humankind.

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Popular tattoos that incorporate the Cheribum angels include innocent or playfully depicted angels praying; wearers often include their children's names to symbolize that their children are being watched over by guardian angels. Other cases include dedications or "in memory of" phrases within the tattoos as tributes to loved ones who have died. This symbolizes that a loved one is in heaven and that he is now the guardian angel of the wearer.

Guardian angel tattoos that depict the warrior angel symbolize the willingness to fight to overcome evil rather than defend innocence. Popular tattoos depict archangels wielding swords, wearing armor, or detailed and well-defined muscles.

The common threads in all of these popular guardian angel tattoos include exaggerated wings. Angel wings are the means by which angels are able to protect. A tattoo of only angel wings symbolizes freedom and protection.

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