What Are Some Popular Emo Hairstyles?


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Popular emo hairstyles include angled bangs, chunky layers and asymmetrical spikes. Emo hairstyles often contain multiple colors at once. Some popular Emo hair colors include a black base with purple and magenta highlights or a bleached blond base with pink highlights.

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Angled bangs are one of the most popular emo looks. Starting with hair that is parted far to the side, bangs are cut thick and swept over the forehead. This look is worn by both males and females.

Chunky layers throughout the hair are another popular option, especially for females. A portion of the hair is kept long, while large sections of the hair are cut at shoulder length to chin length. These layers have blunt edges that create a distinctly choppy look.

A popular option for males is the asymmetrical look. Starting at the shoulder or chin, hair is cut in blunt layers and then spiked in parts.

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