What Are Some Popular Carol Anderson Collections?


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The current and most popular Carol Anderson collection is the Fall 2015 collection. Other popular collections include the Welcome Warmth Collection, the Welcome Joy Collection and the In the Sun Collection.

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The Carol Anderson Fall 2015 and the Welcome Warmth Collection have a similar range of clothes that encompass both the autumn and winter seasons. The main materials in both collections are denim, wool, thick cotton and faux fur that resembles mink. The colors are either light or very dark shades of brown and blue. Most of the clothes are full-sleeved and ankle length. The collections include long dresses, jackets and sweaters in various styles, scarves, ponchos and thick sweatshirts.

The Welcome Joy collection features dresses and skirts in lighter fabrics such as spandex, nylon and rayon. These clothes are sleeveless or short sleeved and most skirts hit just below the knee. Although there are a lot of dark colors, there are a few lighter shades such as turmeric and fluorescent blue. The In the Sun collection features a range of light dresses, tops and skirts. The fabrics are light and flowing and the lengths vary from short to full-length. The colors and designs are bright, with fluorescent shades and prints prominently present.

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