What Are Some Popular Bikini Styles?

What Are Some Popular Bikini Styles?

There are many popular bikini styles from which to choose, including strapless bandeau, boho, padded and string bikini styles. Certain styles are flattering for a variety of body types.

A classic style is the string bikini. This style features two triangular cups at the top and is tied halter-style at the top and in the back. String bikini bottoms can be worn as well, or one could mix and match a string bikini top with regular bottoms.

A fixed triangle bikini top offers more coverage, especially for wearers with large breasts. Sometimes fixed triangle bikini tops are padded and fitted with underwire to offer extra support.

Balconettes offer a similar bikini style with a little less coverage than the fixed triangle bikinis. Balconettes are shaped more like bras than swimsuits. They are sometimes equipped with padding and underwire, and often the cups are molded. Balconettes with molded cups or padding are excellent for women with small or drooping breasts. This bikini style adds volume and lift to the chest but is still a good choice for women with large breasts.

Bandeau bikini tops are a stylish option, but they are more difficult to wear. Bandeaus are best suited for women with small or firm breasts.

Popular types of bikini bottoms include bikini shorts, regular, string and thong. Shorts or skirt bottoms offer the most coverage. Regular bottoms give medium coverage and string bottoms offer medium to less coverage. Thong bottoms are more revealing and show off the buttocks.