What are some popular biker tattoos?


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Customary biker tattoo themes include skulls, eagles, a motorcycle or motorcycle parts, the American flag and hearts. Popular biker tattoos often include symbols that celebrate travel and the open road. Tattoos that send messages are also popular. The biker cross is often depicted and is inspired by the iron and Maltese crosses. Skull tattoos are popular mixed with symbols such as flames, snakes or glowing eyes.

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Eagles are often chosen for their patriotic message that celebrates freedom. Tattoos of hearts with girls' names or hearts combined with cascading ribbons are used to commemorate special connections.

Many biker tattoos feature the classic brand name Harley-Davidson in combination with eagles or the Harley-Davidson logo. Some bikers prefer mythical creatures. The symbols are used as signs of strength, honor and bravery.

On sites such as CreateMyTattoo.com, visitors can view hundreds of biker tattoo designs that can be purchased and printed or stenciled. The site features a comprehensive collection of themes such as tribal emblems and designs, skulls, and hearts with daggers. CreateMyTattoo.com gives visitors access to over 20,000 tattoo designers who can create customized tattoos based on their specifications. Each design is presented with 10 variations.

Biker tattoos originated in the 1940s and 1950s when they were worn to symbolize affiliations to specific groups. Tattoos were a way to celebrate the connection of brotherhood, often to specific gangs. Post-1953, bikers modeled themselves after Marlon Brando in the film "The Wild One." In 1969, the movie Easy Rider also became a symbol of outlaws and the open road.

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