What Are Some Popular Alphabet Font Designs for Tattoos?

What Are Some Popular Alphabet Font Designs for Tattoos?

Fearless script, inked script, Mardian pro, sailors pro and Fette Fraktur are some popular tattoo fonts. Original gansta, tattoo deco, Reditum and Homi script are other popular alphabet font designs for tattoos.

Both fearless and inked scripts are alphabet fonts inspired by actual tattoos. Vintage signs were a further inspiration for the fearless script, while the inked script is lighter. Both are suitable for word tattoos.

The Mardian pro script is named after its designer, Vikcy Mardian. It's not as legible as some other fonts, but it carries the flow and arcs typical of tattoo scripts. Fette Fraktur is a Gothic-style font for tattoos.

Sailors pro is another alphabet font inspired by tattoos, in this case the old school tattoos characteristic of the sailor style. The font features the strong line work typical of the style as well as space for filling in. Many sailor tattoos feature letters that have gradient-fills on one side.

Original gangsta is another popular tattoo font stemming from actual tattoos. The lettering is weighty with barbs and curlie-cues characteristic of gang-style tattooing.

Reditum is a calligraphic font similar to the Mardian pro. However, the Reditum offers more legibility for tattoo design.

The Homi scripts is a mix of two design styles, graffiti and tattoo calligraphy. The finished look is legible but with big arcs and whirls characteristic of calligraphic tattoos. Tattoo deco also blends two styles, in this case Art Deco and sailor tattoos.