How Do You Pop a Pimple?

How Do You Pop a Pimple?

With thoroughly washed hands, lance the pimple with a sterilized pin and squeeze the pimple using a cotton swab. Follow up by cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol or antibacterial ointment.

  1. Wash your hands

    Acne is caused by bacteria on the skin, so clean hands are essential to stop the spread of said bacteria. Use warm water and soap to clean your hands thoroughly and consider using a nail brush to clean your fingernails.

  2. Sterilize a thin needle or pin

    Use an open flame from a match or lighter to sterilize your pin by holding the tip of the pin in the flame for several seconds. Allow the pin to cool. Dip or swab with rubbing alcohol to complete sterilization.

  3. Lance and squeeze the pimple

    Holding the pin parallel to your skin, stick the tip of the pin into the top white center of the pimple. Then, immediately remove the pin. Use a cotton swab to gently press around the edges of the pimple to extract the pus. Do not press down onto the top of the pimple, as this may push bacteria deeper into your skin.

  4. Treat the surrounding area

    Cleanse the area by lightly sweeping rubbing alcohol onto the skin with a cotton ball. You may also follow up with antibacterial ointment, if desired.