How Do You Do a Ponytail?

Create a classic ponytail hairstyle by brushing hair, applying a styling gel and fastening hair at the nape of the neck. Style with a flat iron or curling iron, and finish by adding a stylish accent.

  1. Brush hair thoroughly

    Brush clean, dry hair till it is free of tangles. Eliminate cowlicks or bumps with a spritz of water or a dab of styling gel.

  2. Part your hair

    Decide what kind of part you want. You can let your hair fall at its natural part, brush your hair straight back from your forehead or create a new part. To create a part, gently run the tip of a wide-tooth comb against your scalp. Using this technique, you can make a center part, a side part or a deep-side part.

  3. Apply setting gel

    Apply a light spritz of setting gel around your part to help keep it neat. If you are brushing your hair straight back, spritz the crown of your head.

  4. Fasten with an elastic band

    Brush your hair again, focusing on the mid-shaft to the ends. Firmly gather your hair at the nape of your neck, and fasten with an elastic band. Choose a clear elastic for a neat, clean look.

  5. Style your ponytail

    Apply a heat protecting product to the ponytail. Separate the ponytail into 1-inch-wide sections to style. For a sophisticated look, flat-iron each section until it is silky smooth, and apply a shining serum. For a flirty look, use a curling iron to create bouncy waves, and set with hairspray.

  6. Add an accent

    Enhance your ponytail with an accent piece that complements your style. Consider wrapping a ribbon around the elastic, tucking a silk flower into the side of the ponytail or attaching a glittery brooch to the elastic.