How Do You Polish Your Toenails?


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Polishing nails is an activity that most women love to do. Although it may seem a little challenging for some, this guide can help you to paint your nails perfectly.

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How Do You Polish Your Toenails?
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  1. Get rid of the oils on your nails

    Before polishing your nail, it's important to get rid of the excessive oils on it. You can do this by wiping each nail clean with acetone polish remover.

  2. Apply the polish using three strokes

    Use three strokes to polish your nails: start at the base of your nail, and then apply one on the right and one on the left, up to the center.

  3. Finish it up with a top coat

    Apply a top coat to your nail after you've applied the color, and let it dry for about 40 minutes.

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