How Do You Polish Metal?


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To polish metal, you need a buffing compound and a revolving buffing wheel. Choose the buffing compound for the type of metal you are polishing. Apply a light amount of the compound onto the buffing wheel and press the wheel onto the metal surface with slight pressure until shiny. Repeat the process if the metal is still dull.

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  1. Prepare the buffing compound

    Choose the appropriate buffing compound for the metal you want to polish. Different metals require different buffing compounds, and using the wrong compound may damage the surface of your metal.

  2. Apply the compound onto the buffing wheel

    Spread the compound lightly on the face of the revolving buffing wheel.

  3. Polish the metal using the wheel

    Apply the wheel onto the metal surface using light pressure. Repeat until the surface is shiny. If the metal is still dull, repeat the process using a finer variety of the buffing compound you originally used.

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