What Is a Polish Eagle Tattoo?

A Polish eagle tattoo is a tattoo of the national Polish coat of arms. The tattoo represents Poland's previous struggle for freedom and its modern state of independence. People get this tattoo to show their support of Poland.

The Polish coat of arms is a national symbol that is on the country's flag. It consists of a white eagle with a crown. In a legend, one of Poland's famous founders, Lech, discovered an eagle's nest and built a town on that spot. The Polish word for "nest" is "gniazdo," which is the origin of the name of the city that became one of Poland's oldest capitals, Gniezno. The eagle then became the state symbol.

Throughout the years the design of the eagle on the coat of arms has changed. During the years that Poland was under Communist rule, the crown was removed from the eagle's head. Once Poland became free, the crown returned to its rightful place.