What Do Police Officers Wear?

A police officer's uniform depends on the unit and assignment, but a traditional uniform typically includes a blue or black dress shirt, dress pants, a tie, a peaked hat and black dress shoes, while a tactical uniform is generally a battle dress uniform shirt, cargo pants, baseball cap and boots. A traditional uniform is Class A, and a tactical uniform is Class B.

Tactical uniforms look similar to U.S. Army battle dress uniforms, may be restricted to S.W.A.T. teams or special units and are usually worn on an intensive duty or patrol. A tactical duty uniform or battle dress uniform shirt holds more gear and has an intense appearance.

Traditional uniforms have a less militarized look and are often worn to ceremonies and less intensive duties. Class C uniforms are jumpsuits. Other items that police officers wear include badges and patches. Some may wear stab vests or flak jackets for protection.