How Do You Get Platinum Blond Hair?

How Do You Get Platinum Blond Hair?

To get platinum blond hair, use hair bleach to remove the pigmentation. Follow up with a deep conditioner, then use a toning color to cancel out yellow undertones. Use toning shampoo to keep your hair platinum for as long as possible.

  1. Prepare for the coloring process

    Divide the hair into four even sections. Cover your clothes with an old towel to protect them from drips. Put on protective gloves.

  2. Mix the bleach

    Mix equal parts bleach powder and peroxide developer. For light blond hair, a 20-volume developer is sufficient. For dark blond hair, choose 30-volume developer. For all other hair shades, choose 40-volume developer. Mix the ingredients together in a plastic bowl with a tint brush until the mixture is smooth.

  3. Apply the bleach

    The hair near the scalp and at the ends processes more quickly, so apply the bleach starting 1 inch away from the scalp and ending 1 to 2 inches from the ends. Apply the bleach to skinny sections, working it into the strand to ensure even distribution.

  4. Finish applying the bleach

    Once the mid-shaft has started to lighten, go back and apply the bleach near the scalp. As soon as you have finished with the scalp, pull the bleach through to the ends.

  5. Process the bleach

    Cover the hair with a plastic cap. Process the hair in five-minute increments, checking the color after each increment for the desired level of lightness. Keep processing the hair until it is pale and light.

  6. Condition the hair

    Rinse out the bleach until the water runs clear. Apply a deep conditioner made for strengthening the hair, and leave it in for a minimum of five minutes. Rinse with cool water.

  7. Apply the toner

    Mix the toning color according to manufacturer's instructions. Look for purple-based toner to cancel out the pale yellow of the hair. Process in five-minute increments, checking for the desired color. Rinse out immediately once your desired results are achieved.

  8. Use toning shampoo

    Use a purple-toned shampoo to wash the hair after bleaching. Use this shampoo regularly to keep hair platinum.