What Are Some Places to Sell Gold and Silver?


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Some places to sell gold and silver include private gold and silver dealers, gold parties and pawn shops. Knowing the value of gold and silver is an important step in determining where the sell the items.

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Jewelry and coin dealers are a good option since they usually take all types of gold and silver items. For items that are rare or antique, choose a dealer that specializes in those items specifically. Coin dealers are the best for a rare silver coin, since they can assess the value better than a normal gold and silver dealer. For jewelry items that also have diamonds or gemstones, choose jewelry dealers. Dealers are available locally and online.

Pawn shops are good for getting quick cash for scrap gold and silver items. Broken gold necklace chains, simple silver rings and coins that aren’t rare are often sold at pawn shops. In most cases, the pawn shop values the items based on the type of metal, the weight of the items and the current market value. It is a good idea to check the weight of the items before selling to pawn shops.

Gold parties work similar to houseware parities where the host and a group of people with their gold items arrive at someone’s home. It provides a fun, social aspect to buying and selling gold and silver items. Some people arrive to buy, while others are there to sell. This is good for selling unique jewelry items and coins, but scrap items may fetch lower prices at gold parties.

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