Where Are Some Places to Sell Your Clothes for Cash?

The ideal clothing resale solution varies by location, but two popular consignment stores are Clothes Mentor, with locations in 29 states as of 2015, and Buffalo Exchange, which has shops in 17 states. Threadflip is a popular choice for online consignment sales.

Clothes Mentor specializes in newer clothing from established brands and offers sellers one-ninth of each item's original sale price. Buffalo Exchange prefers vintage or unique items and bases the resale price on the style, condition and brand of an item. Based on the item's resale value, sellers can choose to receive either 30 percent cash or 50 percent store credit.

In the case of online consignment, sellers only receive money if an item actually sells. Threadflip involves the direct resale of items to other users, and product photography, descriptions and shipping and handling are the seller's responsibility. However, sellers keep 80 percent of the item's resale price. A "Full Service" option is also available, in which sellers simply ship their clothing to Threadflip using a pre-paid shipping kit, and Threadflip takes on all responsibility for re-selling the items. After an item sells, the original seller receives a commission of between 30 and 80 percent, with higher-price items netting a higher commission rate.