Where Are the Best Places to Take Scrap Copper?


The best places to take scrap copper include scrap metal dealers such as Earthworks Recycling and Advantage Metals Recycling. Scrap metal dealers pay cash on the spot for scrap copper, with prices based on the current value of scrap metal in the market.

Scrap metal dealers offer bonuses to customers with huge scrap copper consignments. For example, Earthworks Recycling gives a bonus for every batch that exceeds 200 pounds as of 2015.

The buyers subject the scrap metals taken by customers to a rigorous grading procedure to ensure they meet certain standards. The grading procedure seeks to ensure that scrap copper is free from contaminants such as plastics, steel and other non-ferrous metals. Even where scrap copper is contaminated, the owner gets a relatively good price for it, albeit lower than uncontaminated copper. The prices depend on the level of contamination.

In addition to paying cash for copper, Advantage Metals Recycling accepts other scrap metals including aluminum, and brass. Most copper recyclers accept many metallic households made of copper such as copper wires, copper plumbing tubes, electric cables, valves and connections. One may also sell old cookware, pots, wheels, decorative items, lights and more. Some scrap metal dealers also accept food and beverage cans, bicycles, motorcycles and even vehicles.