Where Are Some Places to Find Some Funky and Unique Hippie Clothes?

Unique, fun and funky hippie clothing can be found through online vintage-apparel retailers, thrift stores and vintage clothing shops. Non-vintage hippie-style clothing is available from some apparel shops that specialize in handmade and eco-friendly goods.

For the best selection of hippie clothing, visit online retailers and brick-and-mortar shops that specialize in vintage or late-1960s apparel. Since such clothing is from eras past, each piece is likely to be unique. Sellers on Etsy.com specializing in hippie goods offer an ever-changing selection of apparel and accessories. Offline retailers that sell vintage and retro clothing often have hippie apparel as well.

If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, a visit to a few local thrift stores or estate sales may turn up what you seek. For new or a mix of new and used hippie-inspired clothing such as dashiki tops, tie-dyed t-shirts and gypsy-style blouses, seek out independent shops such as GypsyRose.com or local stores that import goods through cooperative efforts with other countries. Many independent retailers import new hand-sewn, crochet and dyed apparel by working with groups that help create sustainable living and work opportunities for the underprivileged in regions such as Nepal. Some shops that sell incense, classic rock memorabilia and tie-dyed shirts also carry a wide range of hippie apparel.