What Are Some Places Where You Can Sell Your Own Jewelry?

One place where individuals can sell their own jewelry is online. These individuals can sell through websites such as Etsy.com, which features thousands of merchants selling arts and crafts, as well as through the auction site eBay. Selling jewelry online has the advantage of the seller not having to worry about setting up her own payment system for transactions or dealing with those whose payments default.

Another place for people to sell their own jewelry is at local malls. Such venues may offer a discounted rate for local sellers to feature their work, especially during festivals or other celebrations. Sellers can also set up booths at the mall during seasons such as Christmas, when customers are likelier to be more generous with their money. Using this time and space to showcase promotional material for the individual's business can also help them lay the groundwork for future business.

One good venue for selling jewelry is during fairs and craft shows. Craft shows offer products for very specific markets and represent a great opportunity to create and showcase products catering to that market. Attending the craft show also helps the seller to see what designs and trends are currently popular so that she may tweak her own designs to boost future sales.