How Do I Find Places That Do Black-Light Tattoos?

Tattoo parlors that perform black-light tattoo art can be found online or by inquiring if a particular local tattoo parlor offers this service. Those seeking to get a tattoo with black-light ink should consult with the artist to learn more about the art before deciding to move forward.

Black-light ink is more expensive than the regular ink normally used to give tattoos and may also contain carcinogens that are not found in traditional tattoo ink. Because the ink is not visible to the naked eye, and only under a UV light, the process of getting these tattoos is more lengthy than with other tattoos; this means that consumers can expect to pay more for this special service. According to Captain Jack's Tattoo Studio, the ink used for these tattoos does not blend as easily as traditional ink. Due to this, it is recommended that this feature is added to highlight a tattoo with regular ink.