Where Is the Best Place on Your Body for a Tattoo?

place-body-tattoo Credit: Trevin Chow/Moment/Getty Images

According to K104.7 FM, the best place on the body to get a tattoo varies for everyone. The pain level, the discreetness of the area, how the area will age and personal preference are important factors to consider when placing a tattoo.

Getting a tattoo hurts some parts of the body more than others. Places that do not have a lot of skin, like the foot, knee, wrist and rib cage, are some of the most painful areas to get a tattoo. Fleshy areas of the body, like the back of the shoulder, outer calf and outer thigh, are less painful. For hip tattoos, the lower and more inward the tattoo placement, the higher the level of pain. Pain tolerance varies with the individual, and potential tattoo recipients are advised to gauge their pain tolerance by considering how they react to minor painful incidents like stubbed toes.

It is also important for potential tattoo customers to consider future employment and how a tattoo may affect it. Easily concealable tattoos are ideal for professions that do not allow tattoos. The leg, hip area, shoulder, chest and ribcage are areas of the body that are easily hidden. The forearm is a tricky tattoo location to conceal.