How Do You Do a Pixie Braid?


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Do a pixie braid hairstyle by parting the client's hair, dividing it into small squares and braiding extensions into each of the small braids. Before starting, make sure the hair is clean, moisturized and free of tangles. Made of many small braids no bigger than a pencil, pixie braids are a popular hairstyle for black women who want to grow their hair out.

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To begin, part the hair in the middle of the head, and then divide these two parts again in half at the ears, making a ponytail of each section in the front but only one in the back. Start with the unbound section of hair, and work with 1/2-inch-by-1/2-inch squares to make small braids. Divide the square in half again, and place the halfway point of a hair extension, which has been cut in half, against your client's head. Pull their natural hair over the extension and start a small braid with it.

After braiding about an inch, section the natural hair, along with the extension, into three parts and continue braiding. This procedure makes the extension look invisible, giving a natural look. Once you've finished the first section, continue parting and braiding each section until you are done. Singe the ends in boiling water so they don't unravel.

Pixie braids typically last for a few weeks, as long as the hair is moisturized and covered with a satin or silk night cap for sleep.

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