How Do You Get Pink and White Gel Nails?


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To get pink and white gel nails, also known as French tips or a French manicure, prepare your nails. Apply the base coat, and apply the white tip.

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  1. Prepare your nails

    Prepare your nails by filing them into shape and buffing them. Clean them off to ensure the gel polish sticks.

  2. Apply the base coat

    Paint on the pink base coat of gel nail polish. Cure it for 10 to 30 seconds under a 36-watt ultraviolet nail lamp or a 12-watt LED nail lamp. You may do multiple coats in the base color. Cure the polish under the lamp after each coat.

  3. Apply the white tip

    Paint the white gel nail polish onto the tip of your nails. You may use a tip guide to ensure a clean line. Cure the polish under the lamp. Seal the manicure with a clear top coat of gel nail polish, and cure it.

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