How Do You Get Pink Glitter Lips?

You can get pink glitter lips with the use of a regular lipstick and makeup-grade glitter. To apply the glitter, you can use either a brush or a cotton swab.

  1. Apply the lipstick

    Put on the lipstick, and then blot. Afterward, add another application to make sure the glitter sticks.

  2. Put on the glitter

    Using a brush or cotton swab, roll or pat the glitter onto your lips generously. Make sure that every area of your lips is covered. You may have to do this more than once to achieve a sparkly effect. Then, press your lips together to make the glitter stick into place.

  3. Remove excess glitter

    Stick a clean finger into your mouth, and purse your sparkly lips. Then, slowly pull your finger out to remove particles on the inside of your lips.