How Do You Pin up a Half-up Hairdo?

How Do You Pin up a Half-up Hairdo?

A half up-do is teased at the crown with the sides pinned back and the rest of the hair falling in ringlets. Pinning up a half-up style takes roughly 15 minutes plus curling time and requires a wide-barrel curling iron, styling spray, hair clips, a teasing comb, a hairbrush, bobby pins and finishing spray.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Brush the hair smooth. Spray a styling spray throughout the dry hair. For very long or thick hair, section the hair first and work the spray through with your fingers.

  2. Section the hair

    Divide the hair into 2-inch-wide segments, securing them with the hair clips. Leave the bottom 2 inches of hair at the nape free for immediate styling.

  3. Curl the hair

    Starting at the nape, use the wide-barrel curling iron to curl the hair in ringlets. Alternate the direction of the ringlets. Work through all the sections. Once you get to the crown, only curl the bottom two-thirds of the hair.

  4. Tease the crown

    Use the teasing comb to tease the hair in the crown near the scalp. Smooth the top layer of hair back, and spray with finishing spray.

  5. Pull hair back

    Take a section of hair from the ear forward. Pull it up and back toward the crown, keeping it loose. Roll the ends over your fingers, creating a small tube of hair.

  6. Secure with bobby pins

    Use bobby pins in a color close to your hair color. Insert one bobby pin into the tube of hair as close to the scalp as possible. Insert a second bobby pin so that it crosses the first bobby pin. Repeat the entire procedure on the other side.

  7. Finish the hair

    Smooth back any stray hairs and spray your hair with the finishing spray. If the style feels loose anywhere, insert another crossed pair of bobby pins to secure the area.