How Do You Pierce Your Own Ear?

You can pierce your own ears at home with a mirror, sterile needle, ice, an apple or potato, and a pair of quality earrings to put in the holes. Pierce an earlobe by marking the ear, numbing the lobe, holding a potato or apple to the ear, pushing a sterilized needle through the lobe and inserting earrings.

  1. Choose the piercing tool

    Before starting, make sure you have a sharp, sterile needle or pair of piercing earrings. If you use a needle, choose a sewing needle that is large enough to leave an earring hole but not overly large, unless you want a large gauge hole. If a sewing needle is being used, choose a new one, and sterilize with heat and alcohol.

  2. Gather supplies

    Ensure that you have your chosen piercing tool, alcohol, a potato wedge or apple, ice and a marker nearby.

  3. Mark the earring holes

    Use a mirror or the assistance of a friend to mark the location of each hole with a marker or pen. Make sure the holes are at the same location on each ear so that the earrings aren't uneven.

  4. Numb the ear

    Place the ice on the back of the ear lobe. This keeps the ice from melting away the mark made for piercing. Hold the ice on the ear lobe for as long as it takes to numb the area. Only numb one ear lobe at a time, or it will not be numb when you pierce it.

  5. Pierce

    Place the potato wedge or apple behind the ear, and push the needle or piercing earring through the mark. Don't hesitate. Use enough force to penetrate the skin.

  6. Insert earrings

    Wipe the hole with alcohol and, if using piercing earrings, put the back on the earring. If a needle was used, push an earring through the new hole, wipe with alcohol and put the back on the earring.

  7. Repeat and alcohol

    Repeat the steps with the other ear lobe. When complete, alcohol both sides a second time.

  8. Check daily

    Check the earring holes daily, and wipe with alcohol. If there are any signs of redness or infection, remove the earrings, and have the holes checked by a doctor.