Where Are There Pictures of Different Types of Facial Bumps?


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WebMD.com, part of the WebMD Health Network, is a health care portal where consumers can see pictures of different types of facial bumps. The website's acne visual dictionary shows the effects of acne-related skin problems, such as blackheads and whiteheads. The dictionary shows what papules, which show up as small red or pink bumps on the face, look like up close, and it also shows what large, inflamed bumps called nodules look like when they are on the face.

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Where Are There Pictures of Different Types of Facial Bumps?
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Mayo Clinic has pictures of people afflicted with different types of folliculitis on its website, MayoClinic.org, and in particular a man is shown who has pseudofollicultis barbae, which is also known as barber's itch. This condition is caused by ingrown hairs, a common result when shaved hairs turn back inward. Men with curly beards are highly susceptible of getting it, which is why the site has chosen this particular subject to show what the ailment looks like.

Everyday Health Inc., a company that focuses on health and wellness solutions, has a website, EverydayHealth.com, that explains the difference between psoriasis and the more common acne, and illustrates what acne looks like. It has a picture of a man with a pus-filled pimple eruption.

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