How Do You Find a Picture of a Specific Type of Tattoo?

Find a picture of a specific type of tattoo by searching on sites such as,,, and, as of 2015. Each site includes different tools for locating tattoos according to art style, main design element or location on the body. maintains a collection of different tattoo design elements, including cats, butterflies, fairies, dragons and crosses. It also features numerous images of tattoos ideal for various parts of the body, which may feature different design elements. offers dozens of different tattoo categories, covering both the content of the tattoo and the parts of the body on which it appears. Each category includes numerous different styles, with options to conduct detailed keyword searches as well. It also sells digital copies of the designs in the form of line art for use as a stencil during the tattooing process. features image galleries of actual tattoos made at its Astoria, New York studio. Each gallery contains various styles and body locations, and appears under a general content category. provides two levels of organization to its collections of tattoos, beginning with a general category such as animal tattoos or armband tattoos. Within each main section are more detailed categories, such as tigers or scorpions under the animals section. features a gallery that allows you to choose from a list of locations or styles and view corresponding images.