How Do You Pick a Miss Clairol Hair Color?

Pick a Clairol hair color by using Clairol's shade guide, considering your skin tone, choosing a light color and trying a demi-permanent hair color. If you are unsure of your choice, color experts are available at 800-252-4765 for a free hair color consultation.

Using Clairol's shade grid as a guide is a tip for finding the best hair color. Don't go by the hair color of the model on the box to predict the coloring results, but instead, use the shade starting color and resulting color grid on the back of the box to find out how your starting color can influence the resulting color. Skin tone is another factor to consider when choosing a hair color. For example, if your skin tone is cool, avoid warm hair colors.

Another tip from Clairol's color experts is to go lighter when considering more than one hair color, as it is easier to correct a lighter shade if it turns out badly. Try a demi-permanent hair color first, as the color washes out after 28 shampoos. Demi colors result in hair color that is closer to your natural hair, which makes for a gradual change. Finally, if you have gray hair, take note that the overall shade is likely to appear lighter. Start with a few shades lighter than your natural hair color and slowly introduce intensity back into the hair.