How Do You Pick a Matching Tattoo?

How Do You Pick a Matching Tattoo?

The key rule for choosing a matching tattoo is to avoid tattooing the name of a significant other on your own body. Even the best relationships can change, and no one wants to end up with a tattoo that is more permanent than the relationship it commemorates. Instead, a better choice is to get matching or coordinating tattoos in an inconspicuous spot.

  1. Consider a finger tattoo

    Commemorate a relationship with small but meaningful tattoos on each person's ring finger. Many people either tattoo a permanent ring on the finger or design a small tattoo to be covered by a wedding ring.

  2. Choose tattoos that match thematically

    Pick a lock-and-key combination, two interlocking puzzle pieces or a design that is only complete if the two people hold their body parts together. Consider choosing a tattoo that doesn't overtly proclaim the relationship but holds a special meaning for both people.

  3. Make sure both people agree

    Confirm the tattoo choice with your partner before getting inked. Make sure your significant other is not agreeing to a design just to make you happy.